During these uncertain times, FPA will do all we can to provide you the information you need. Please check here often for new updates from FPA National, our local chapter and our partners who are working with us to offer their most timely advice and information.

FPA Volatility Resource Center

This page is updated frequently and is worth you time to review. It includes blog posts, journal articles and papers on topics related to COVID-19 and the changing environment. New posts are marked “Just Added” so you can find recent material easily. This resource is open to members and non-members.

​​Navigating Market Turbulence Related to Coronavirus on FPA Connect

The community library includes recorded virtual sessions, including A Conversation with Dr. Dave Yeske Regarding Current Market Turbulence, A Conversation with Claudia Cypher Kane and Stacy Francis Regarding Managing Client Fears During Current Market Conditions, and A Conversation with Investment Planning Knowledge Circle host Ray Benton and Futurist Dennis Stearns Regarding Navigating Market Instability​. This is where members can talk to members to share ideas and ask questions. ​