The NexGen group consists of FPA of MD members under age 37, and is meant to foster relationships among the next generation of financial planners through valuable education and professional development programs. FPA MD NexGen is committed to providing opportunities for NexGen planners to gather together and share their successes and challenges in a comfortable setting surrounded by their peers.

The FPA MD NexGen group hosts a variety of networking happy hours, study groups, and volunteer events as part of the FPA of MD chapter itinerary each calendar year. FPA MD NexGen is led by a committee that helps plan, schedule and coordinate NexGen events. Additionally, an important objective of the FPA of MD chapter is to increase networking opportunities and build long-term relationships among members of all ages. With this goal in mind, FPA MD NexGen committee members are also involved in welcoming and building rapport with other NexGen members, and facilitating participation and introductions of NexGen at FPA of MD chapter functions and events.

For more information, please contact the committee chairs:

Joe Evans, CFP®
Wealth Enhancement Group

Tom Cusick, CFP®
The Kelly Group