Who is the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Maryland? FPA is home to a nationwide financial planner network of nearly 100 chapters and is the best way to make up-close connections that can boost your practice into high gear. If you work or live in Maryland, the FPA of Maryland is your local chapter. By joining and getting involved, you have an opportunity to connect with colleagues, share ideas and access techniques you can implement in your own business and life.​


  • Access to local continuing education opportunities
  • Build new business relationships through peer networking
  • Opportunity to grow as a leader
  • Stay informed on legislative and regulatory issues
  • Increase the collective voice of the financial planning profession and financial services industry
  • Connect with industry leaders in product and service development
  • Create greater awareness of the financial planning profession through consumer awareness activities​

Who is the Financial Planning Association (FPA)? Each local chapter makes up the broader (National) FPA, which is one of the largest and most respected professional organizations for financial planners. You can visit their website at